what I like to do

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  • Delano Chamber of Commerce
    Delano Chamber of Commerce
    This website features a fixed background and searchable member list
    challenging DNS, email, custom Contact Page and custom side bars for each page
  • River Island East HOA
    River Island East HOA
    new top selling theme but input from contacts for content has ceased
  • Wild West Agility
    Wild West Agility
    we created this website in 10 days with no phone calls; only email
  • Delano Harvest Holidays
    Delano Harvest Holidays
    8 PDF downloadable forms, calendar of events and a sortable media page
  • DART Agility Club
    DART Agility Club
    Thorough club info including Links, Entry Forms and Show Results
  • Chili Cook Off
    Chili Cook Off
    website has been closed but a terrific restaurant theme nonetheless
  • McFarland Chamber of Commerce
    McFarland Chamber of Commerce
    searchable membership list and community information
  • NKCD
    North Kern Cemetery District variations on fixed background
  • Healthy Children Books
    Healthy Children Books
    my first e-commerce site! MP3s, downloadable e-books, T-Shirt sales
  • Tony’s Pizza
    Tony’s Pizza
    best pizza in Delano for 33 years, beautiful colors and a 3D rotating slider
  • Lady Gouldian Finches
    Lady Gouldian Finches
    It’s funny how a lot of dog people have birds. These guys are so pretty.
  • SW Regional Finals
    SW Regional Finals
    we used to travel every weekend to compete. I miss running around with Goo and Whimmey and P.B.
  • Whimsy, Magoo and Phoebe
    Whimsy, Magoo and Phoebe
    I love these guys with all my heart.
  • USDAA Nationals
    USDAA Nationals
    We qualified 3 years in a row.       It was so much fun!